• Product summary:Divided by the melting point of the solder paste product categories: high-temperature solder (melting point above 230 ℃), temperature solder (200 ℃ -230 ℃), room temperature solder (180 ℃ -200 ℃), low temperature solder (180 ℃ or less); press the active sub: R (weak activity), RMA (active), RA (strong activity), SRA (over activity)......[View details]

  • Product summary:Tin powder types: tin-silver-copper, tin secret, tin and lead. Particle size from 1 # -6 #, can also be customized according to customer requirements. The company produces a proprietary technology tin powder, tin powder very low oxygen content......[View details]

  • Product summary:BGA solder ball suitable for BGA, MCM, CSP and other advanced IC packaging and sophisticated packaging and micro-welding applications. BGA solder ball Specification: 0.15,0.20,0.25,0.30,0.35,0.40,0.50,0.55,0.60,0.65,0.76 (Unit: mm) and the like. We can also provide help BGA solder paste......[View details]

  • Product summary:Tin solder wire types are: halogen-free, RMA type, no-clean, nickel, stainless steel type, aluminum welding type. Minimum diameter to 0.10mm, conventional rosin content of 2.2%, mainly for welding process......[View details]

  • Product summary:Tin Tin types: low tin (solid-state temperature lower than 200 ℃), temperature tin (solid-state temperature 200 ℃ -250 ℃), high temperature tin (temperature 400 ℃ -520 ℃), silver tin, antioxidant tin, tin, and other die-casting. The shape of the strip, rod, ingot-shaped, spherical, and so on. ......[View details]

  • Product summary:Anode rod \ plating solder ball types are: a star, eight prism, round, rectangular, prism and the like. Anode rod, tin plating ball dimensions are available on request. Tin plating ball specifications are 22mm, 25mm and so on. Environmentally friendly products in line with the EU REACH Regulation and RoHS2.0......[View details]

  • 81707.comFlux types are: rosin, no-clean, water-soluble type, water-based, halogen-free, hot air leveling type (HAL type), available to customers lead-free / lead manufacturing process. Environmentally friendly products in line with EU RoHS2.0 and REACH regulations. ......[View details]

  • Product summary:Red gum is a single-component room temperature after the heat storage quickly cured epoxy adhesive, which allows low temperature curing, ultra-high-speed micro small amount applied can remain without a stable shape drawing, excess glue, collapse, and its & ldquo; shear thinning of & rdquo; viscosity characteristics and low moisture absorption, very suitable for normal SMT stencil printing process......[View details]